Welcome To Moibledukan

What are we:

We are a group of people who want to provide useful information about mobile phones, laptops, monitors, etc. We are not yet a shop owner or an agency. Our main goal is to provide information & benefits to people with mobile phone info such as price, specification, features, etc.

What is our job?

Mobiledukan.net is a website where you can get all the information such as prices, release dates, specifications, features, reviews, etc. you need to know about recent/old smartphone details. We try our best to serve you the latest data on the product you are looking for. So that you can choose easily which phone is best for you according to the budget and the qualifications you need

Our working style:

We collect the data for the official-unofficial phones and put them on our website. We are halfway there to put every smartphone detail that is out there available in the market. Furthermore, we want to make your job easier to choose which smartphone is the best for you according to your budget and other things.

We bring the official price of the smartphone from its own brand website and put it on our website. By doing that, we can assure you that you won’t find any wrong information about them.

We bring the unofficial phone prices from the top stores that are selling unofficial phones. Nowadays, there is a huge amount of shops out there in the market that are selling unofficial phones right now. We collect the data and the prices from them and update them on our website.

That’s how we emphasize the content of our website. We have no intentions to provide false information to our customers. If you see any mistakes, please kindly let us know. After all, a mistake is made by humans. Also, you can submit comments, or you can contact us if you have to ask something or provide us with any valuable information.
Our Goal:

Our main goal is to help people and help them choose what they should purchase by knowing every single detail of the smartphone they are looking for. Many people asked us if we sell smartphones or do we have home delivery support. Unfortunately, we haven’t started selling products, but there’s no guarantee that we won’t. Inshallah In the future, there are huge possibilities that we might sell products and also provide home-delivery support.


Mobiledukan.net provides new mobile phone updates and news to its customers. We have designed every page and product of our website in such a way that you can get all the details of mobile at your fingertips. If you want, you can easily compare different products with just one click. You can also get reviews of every mobile on our site.

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