Oppo A16 Camera
Al Triple Camera

Oppo A16 Smartphone With basic features in the camera department, the Oppo A16 smartphone does not quite fulfill the needs of the users. The phone has a 13 MP triple camera, where the main camera offers autofocus mode, the secondary camera has a 2MP macro and the third camera has a 2MP depth sensor. The rear camera of the phone is just an average addition to this phone. This smartphone is the best you will get with other phones with the same budget. Due to AI technology, you can easily capture some perfect moments, but it will not be satisfying compared to what you are spending, it is much less.

Oppo A16 Camera

Oppo A16 Camera Review

In fact, night photography can sometimes be disappointing due to the phone’s poor lighting, but this phone is perfect for daytime photography, and during the day you’ll be able to take pretty good quality photos. The main camera always captures good and beautiful colors. The phone’s camera’s vivid mode brings vibrancy and sparkle to the photos, which look great. On the other hand, the phone has an 8 MP selfie camera, but it is not enough to capture precious moments. This feature is becoming outdated by the day, but you can capture some everyday moments in groups or alone. But, this is never a strong feature of a camera.

You can shoot videos at 1080p@30fps with both the phone’s rear and front cameras. But it will be possible to make good enough videos. Good video quality requires a good camera which it doesn’t have. Video can be played but it will look a bit blurry.

So you can tell them about this feature, while advanced phones like Realme Narzo 20 or Motorola G10 Power offer more optional features in other departments along with the camera department. Now, coming to the video, you will also be surprised when shooting a video in 1080p, but since there is no stabilization feature, you will face a lot of problems while shooting a video. As you suggest, you should look for another one.

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