Oppo A54 processor

The Oppo A54 is a smartphone released in April 2021 and comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 chipset. This smartphone is designed for those who are looking for an affordable smartphone with decent performance capabilities. Oppo A54 processor is Snapdragon 480

Oppo A54 processor

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 is a budget-friendly processor that offers decent performance for daily tasks and light usage. The Snapdragon 480 is built on an 8nm process and comes with 8 cores (2 x Cortex-A76 @ 2.0 GHz & 6 x Cortex-A55 @ 1.8 GHz) which provides decent performance for most daily tasks. This processor is capable of handling normal usages such as browsing, video playback, and light gaming.


One of the key aspects of a smartphone is its performance and the Oppo A54 delivers a decent performance for its price range. The device comes with 4GB or 6GB of RAM, which provides adequate multitasking capabilities, allowing users to switch between apps and use multiple apps simultaneously without any lag. The internal storage of the device comes in two options, 64GB and 128GB, which provides ample space for users to store their files, photos, and videos.

The device is also equipped with Adreno 619 GPU, which provides smooth graphics performance. This GPU is capable of rendering graphics in a smooth manner and makes it suitable for basic gaming. However, the device may struggle with demanding games or intensive multitasking.


The Oppo A54 comes with a 5000mAh battery, which provides decent battery life for normal usage. The device also supports 18W fast charging, which allows users to charge their devices quickly.

In conclusion, the Oppo A54 is a good choice for those who are looking for an affordable smartphone with decent performance capabilities. The device provides a good balance between performance, battery life, and price, making it a good option for those who are looking for an affordable smartphone.

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